Dance with New Year’s Eve will be shown on June 8th, 2024 and June 9th, 2024

“Dance with New Year’s Eve”

On November 15, the Elite Performing Arts Group held its second media conference on the large-scale stage play “Dance with New Year’s Eve”, which was mainly in English. The media conference officially announced that the English version of the stage play will be performed at 7:30 p.m. on June 8th, 2024, and the Chinese version of the stage play will be performed at 2:00 p.m. on June 9th, 2024.

Former Los Angeles County Police Commissioner Alex Villanueva attended the press conference and said, “The community tragedy we are experiencing is not just for Asians, but across all ethnic groups in our entire social group. Each of us should have a high level of concern for the safety and mental health of our communities”. He praised the spirit and execution of the social responsibility of the Elite Performing Arts Group, and expressed his expectation for the performance of this play. California Treasurer Fiona Ma, representing Daniel Sieu, presented a certificate of congratulations to the Group. California State Assemblyman Mike Fong and South Pasadena City Councilor Michael A. Cacciotti praised the Group for helping and uniting the community in the form of an artistic performance.

Paul Lo, Angela Sheng, Daniel Sieu , Tuenping Yang, Sherry Lin

Angela Sheng, the President of Elite Performing Arts Group and the producer of this play, said, “Although we created this drama on the background of this year’s Chinese new year tragedy, our performance does not only focus on this one tragedy, similar events continue to happen around us. This performance is of great significance, in addition to commemorating the innocent who lost their lives, we also want to use this play to call on our society to pay attention to the hidden dangers brought by mental health illness. Social Isolation and loneliness have become widespread problems in the United States, posing a serious threat to our mental and physical health. Let’s care for each other and give them warmth. At the same time, I hope that our minorities in the United States can help each other and unite together. In the past two months, we have received many letters from actors who are willing to perform for free, and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for that. Our casting phase will also come to an end, with the cast in place for all three segments , and we will be in full rehearsal in the next two months. 」

The press conference was hosted by Mr. Harry Sand, Ms. Vivian Chan, Board Director of Elite Performing Arts Group.

Vivian Chan, Harry Sand

Yang Tuenping, the winning director of the Golden Horse Award, is the first director in history to shoot a Chinese-language film in the United States and one of the screenwriters of the play, and he has high hopes for the play, expecting that through this performance, all ethnic groups can experience the difficulties of immigration, the joy and hardship of living in the United States, and still have a good and positive attitude towards life. At the same time, he introduced the main creators and the members of the production team.

Sandra Tung, a veteran filmmaker and executive producer, said that the drama has received attention and support from people from all walks of life, and is very encouraged and gratified by this


Lynn Sieu, Sand Gu, Laura Lin, Sandra Tung, Yvonne Wu, Tuenping Yang

Director Sherry Lin introduced the main actors of the Chinese and English groups. Lee Chen, the leading actress of the English group, is a resident actress of many theaters, a member of the West and East Players, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, holds a master degree in theatre and dance, and has played major roles in many Hollywood films, such as Mrs. Chen in Disney’s “American Born Chinese”. Fan, Chairman Lu’s Translator in HBO’s “VEEP”, other credits include “Good Trouble”, “Bob Hearts Abishola”, “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones”, “Girl Meets World”, etc. The leading actor, Kaidy Kuna, is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild and graduated from the Film School with a degree in directing and production. He began his career as an actor in 2002 and his film and television credits include “Harry’s Law”, “Chuck”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, “We are Men”, “The Last of Us” and ” Craig of the Creek”, etc. The actor Kevin Yang graduated from Stanford University, participated in many stage plays, was active in the community, was the master host of ceremonies and organizer of important events, and was the president of the Southern California Fangyuan Drama Society. Cathy Lee, the leading actress of the Chinese version play, won the 1999 Miss New York Chinatown champion title with the best talent award, and the Top 10 of 2003 New Silk Road Model Contest Beijing Division. A contracted host of Macau Five Star TV. She is an actor, singer, model, TV host. Producer of the film “Pali Road”. The leading actor in the Chinese group, Jonathan Lim, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and the New York Film Academy. In 2008, he directed the online film “SLAM” distributed by Sony and China Film Group, in 2010 he directed Sony’s film “Sofia’s Diary”, produced the TV show “Made in NBA” and successfully launched it on more than 40 channels in China, and produced the first season of Sony’s TV series “Dr. Oz”. Cathy  and Jonathan are also a real-life husband and wife, and this is their first stage collaboration in more than two decades. The co-director of the play, Paul Lo, will also play the second male lead in the play, he has 60 years of film experience, and was the principal of the Columbia Film School in the United States.

Sherry Lin

Sherry Lin

Major players also include Yvonne Wu, a singer and actress. Julie Shen, CEO of M3/JMK Modeling and Media Academy; Joey Zhou, founder of American LABA International Arts Festival and member of Documentary film Society; Lee Zhengtao, a soprano; Donna Chao, CEO of ACG Funding Formation Team; Ning,CEO of Glow Dance Studio; Sammy Yu, DJ of FM1300 radio station; Dongshun Zheng, leader of Flower International Standard Dance Troup and her team; Holly Zhu and Vivian Xu, models; Zoe Zhang, a DJ and actor; Lai Zhang, singer; John Tseng, actor; Dance performers Zhihai Li, founder of Chinese American Mutual Association; Kirill Nikitin, Dance Code Ballroom; Xinyu Li, New Universe Entertainment dance team; Zora Luo, a Zen dancer. Maria Liang, owner of Dance Star Studio; Joe Zhou, the 90-year old writer; Jane Gao, a survival of the shooting tragedy will take part in the supervising of the performance.

Sherry Lin, Lee Chen

Sherry Lin, Kaidy Kuna

Harry Sand, Vivian Chan, Sherry Lin, Jonathan Lim

Harry Sand, Vivian Chan, Sherry Lin, Cathy Lee

Kaidy Kuna, Lee Chen, Jonathan Lim, Cathy Lee

Director Paul Lo also introduced the support team of the show to the media, including the stage director, props team and management team, as well as the co-producers of the play: documentary director William Zhuang, Vivian Chan, Lara Hsu, Sandy Ku, Arthur Peng, Sophy Wu and Helena Sun.

Mr. Johnson Sun, President of the American Academy of Painting and Calligraphy; Mr. Wang, President of West California Academy of Art and Design; Annie Wang, CEO of Younger World Wellness Center; and Wendy Weng, Founder of Sinic International Education Group and other supporting organizations all attended the media conference.

Dance with New Year’s Eve



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TIME:           SATURDAY, June 8th 2024    7:30 PM — 9:30 PM PST (English Version)

                     SUNDAY, June 9th,2024         2:00 PM — 4:00 PM PST (Chinese Version)

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